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Hellenic Futures



Hellenofuturism is a futures philosophy and a science-fiction / fantasy aesthetic that explores the unfolding vision for the future of the Greek legacy. Hellenofuturism places itself at the intersection between historic heritage, cultural expression, sciences, arts and technology.

At the heart of hellenofuturism is a belief in the return to the wonder of storytelling as an expression of society’s evolving values and collective dreams. Beyond that, we hold dear the legacy of polymathic exploration, aesthete contemplation, creative experimentation, community-driven support and democratic collaboration. Just like our ancestor, we are in every way inspired by the world around us, the beauty of nature and the power of creation. This is the lens through which we guide the future.

Hellenic Futures


Our mission is to carve out an aspirational and awe-inspiring vision for the future of the Greek legacy. We want to help people dream, create, experiment and collaborate.

Because we believe in a beautiful future and we want to help it unfold.

We do this through creation. We create ways in which we can collectively project ourselves into future fantasies. We also curate and nurture the circles of creators, thinkers, activists and makers that are allowing hellenofuturism to rise. Through art, media, technology and civil society.

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The future is a spectrum of possibilities. We envision a future in which new mythologies unfold, evolving through stories, old and new, inspiring the rise of new environments, admirable characters and unifying communities able to bring a sense of meaning to a cultural rebirth of Hellenic values, rooted in the spiritual communion between nature, our world, our past and our future.

Hellenic Futures

We envision Greece as a cradle for a creative awakening, using the beauty of our lands and the artistry of our peoples to shape a dreamy reality that allows us to believe that the best is yet to come. Making peace with the past. Embracing our complexe and multiculturally driven history. Merging the cutting-edge of technology with the limitless creativity of our minds and stories.



        From visions we build a reality.

As an institution, the Hellenofuturist Foundation (incubated through AEGIS) gently guides the rise of hellenofuturism by creating a participative environment at the intersection of culture, history, arts, sciences and technology. We can not wait to introduce to you the visionary artists, activists, futurists and innovators that are joining our ranks to bring a new collective vision to the future of Greece.

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Hellenic Futures
Hellenic Futures

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