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AEGIS/Agora is a multidisciplinary board of members and advisors, guiding the future of AEGIS.
The term agora comes from Ancient Greek practices of discussions and democratic leadership.


Since our inception, AEGIS has focused its methods on
– smart holistic development
– interdisciplinary approaches
– multiplicity of perspectives
– simplicity and instinctive design of tools and projects rooted in biomimicry and evolutionary studies

In sum we have always strived to create pieces of future that can feel as humane, alive and creative as the world we live in rather than like protocols and corporate results.
In order to achieve this, polymathy and pluridisciplinary thinking has been our drive.
As our organization grows, we carry these polymathic values in every new strategic direction. We maintain a board of members and advisors from diverse fields and backgrounds, making sure that the future of AEGIS keeps on expanding in inspiring, fair and inclusive directions.

We refer to our polymathic board as the AEGIS/Agora.


In the design of our board, we are following the model of the Krebs Cycle of Creativity. The Krebs Cycle of Creativity (designed by Neri Oxman, MIT) is a biomimetic cartographic tool (inspired by the Krebs cycle of cellular energy generation) that observes the ways in which the fields of Science, Art, Design and Engineering are not only connected but also nourish and innovate each other while (trans)forming the world we live in.

Members of the AEGIS/Agora are part of a multidsciplinary team of leaders that play a key role in the polymathic exploration of the future of AEGIS. Their vision, skills, advice and opinion help guide the development of future incubation frameworks supporting the launch and growth of philanthropic projects, grassroot initiatives, non-profit organizations, cooperatives and social enterprises around the world.


AEGIS/Agora members represent the people who are impacted by AEGIS’s work as well as those who have something meaningful to contribute to our organization’s future.

Who can be part of AEGIS/Agora?
– AEGIS volunteers and consultants : the people who have dedicated meaningful work towards our NGO.
– AEGIS/Incubator incubees : All the leaders of the independent projects under the incubation program of our organization are invited to be part of the Agora for as long as they are represented by AEGIS, if they so wish.
– Independent specialized applicants who share our organization’s values and dedication toward impact-driven work and the support of global causes in the name of pure philanthropy. If you have a proven track record of meaningful contribution to your professional field or local community, our applications are open. 

AEGIS/Agora Application


We are looking for new talented individuals to join our team. 

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization