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Channel the Power of Storytelling

We believe in the power of storytelling.

AEGIS/Media offers pro bono media services to philanthropic projects, initiatives and organizations.

Our hope is to make things easier for those who devote their lives to plans for a kinder and brighter future for our world.


We support independent initiatives such as grassroot projects or activist groups in their work by offering pro bono media services and tools. 

We want to see more good everywhere around us. We want to hear about what is happening in our communities. We want to know more about all the amazing things people do for our world, and understand better what it takes to do it all. But the truth is that storytelling takes time, networks, knowledge and resources that causes often don’t have the privilege to nurture.

This is why we created AEGIS/Media.

We build a structure that allows us to offer media tools and resources to causes.
Brand design, websites, content production, production frameworks, marketing and PR representation… these are a few examples of the types of free services that we can provide thanks to our network.




We work with networks of volunteers and CSR partners in order to develop a number of ways in which we can help causes in their media needs. We support philanthropic projects and initiatives from around the world. We have an open door policy, and do not restrict application periods for any AEGIS Media services to specific time periods. 

In order to apply for any of our pro bono services, send us an email with your contact information and a brief description of your project or organization.


The Stories & Lives behind our causes

AEGIS World centers its narrative on a publishing platform and channel through which we dive into the life and work of the activists and change-makers around us. We also unearth the frameworks and theories that can help us navigate towards a bright future for our planet. It is an enlightening exploration of the human reality behind philanthropic challenges. 


How things are made

Coming from around the world, the AEGIS/Studios teams strive to create pro bono digital services for causes.


Bringing causes online

We make free websites for causes.


Public Relations

It’s hard to pierce through the noise to make our voices heard. With AEGIS/PR, we help causes get noticed by the media and receive the coverage they deserve.


Voices Of Change

Amazing people stand behind philanthropic work. We represent change-makers in order to assure that they can be found when the right event opportunities arise.


Event Planning

Festivals, retreats, fundraisers, award ceremonies, conferences.


We are looking for new talented individuals to join our team. 

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization

AEGIS (formerly IVUnited) is a European Solidarity Corps Host Organization