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What we believe in

Multidisciplinary Thinking

AEGIS is a multidisciplinary organization, exploring many different directions. This means that every step of the way we embrace practices, methodologies and projects that fit together in order to create a holistic result. 
This rich approach makes our work interesting every day, but it also brings many challenges our way. We do our best in order to uphold our standards, our beliefs and our values but we can always do better.
Listed below, you will find our dearest values and some of the views we live by. If you see ways in which we can improve, we encourage you to reach out to us. What helps us most is when our community participates in what we do or finds ways to suggest new tools and solutions that can shape our ideals and aspirations.


For our organization, biomimicry is a fundamental framework. In everything we do, we aspire to approach problem-solving through first principles.
Nature and physics are the ultimate sources of logic that serve to inspire humanity beyond the capacity of any culture or leadership. Only by linking our creation to nature can we transform our nations into truly regenerative and symbiotic ecosystems.

Supportive Communities

We develop bridges within causes, between causes and in ways that can connect causes to fruitful opportunities and industries. Ultimately, we aim to strengthen the notions that help us always remember that we are inhabitants of an interconnected world. A world that all have the potential to help evolve, strengthen and inspire.

Inclusive Diversity

AEGIS is open to the world. It has been built for individuals from many countries and backgrounds. We nurture an environment of open kindness and celebration of differences.

Futures Literacy

We are creating pieces of future by supporting projects and groups that are making a difference. Beyond technological solutions, it is through communities that we see the future. It is important to us that more people think of the future and learn to understand what is unfolding in order to contribute and gain hope.

Sustainable Development

We follow and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. AEGIS also relies on a number of tools that help us relate real life challenges and causes to the objectives and programs deployed under the SDG 2030 Agenda.
When we gleam over the world, and observe the methods and ideologies of multitudes of people, groups and institutions, it is much easier to get caught in differences and points of discord rather than unifying grounds, And that is why it is so crucial for us to support all global efforts and frameworks that help large portions of the world’s population unite around shared goals for a brighter future. And translate these efforts and goals into words and visions that reflect what we consider to be a universal logic rooted in nature-centric values and norms.

Field Unification

Uniting sciences, arts, business, politics, engineering, technology with humanitarian and philanthropic goals: The world is an evolving ecosystem of interconnected actions and reactions. Just as our universe evolves from colliding matter, so do we seek wisdom, evolution and growth from the intersection of numerous grounds and possibilities. We thrive on ideological big bangs.

Cooperative Initiatives

We support unifying thinking and the deployment of structures that can serve people in a cooperative way. Change never happens in a vacuum. And while us humans of the globalized world have become used to individualistic world views and competitive corporate habits, it is our desire to push back against this status quo in order to rekindle a more natural and fruitful way of operating. We design frameworks and strategies that always prioritize cooperative scaling and the democratization of tools and knowledge. We do not compete, we do not guard what we create. We expect from others to join us in order to become stronger together.

Fair Share Thinking

We recognize contributions beyond what is defined by monetary terms. At AEGIS we look at everything people contribute through our fair share model.


We look at development through a permacultural lens. We use permacultural thinking as tool in order to develop nature-centric plans, patterns and methodologies in what we do and advise others. Permaculture for us goes beyond its initial application to agriculture, and transcends towards design in general, towards the development of every new environment we plan for or nurture. Because every new situation or vision is a growing environment and an interconnected ecosystem.

Material Ecology

Exploration of solutions through material ecology and innovative regenerative designs beyond biomimicry. We aim to emulate nature-centric frameworks that attempt to augment the power of natural creation.  Nature, biology and physics are the building blocks of innovation and technological evolution at every turn.

Open Source Development

For our organization, open-source thinking is a fundamental framework. In everything we do, we intend to leave a legacy, so that what was done once can be replicated wherever else it is needed.

Ethical Innovation

Our goal is to facilitate the exponential growth and adoption of innovative technologies and systems that can bring ethical solutions to our world. But we do this while exploring ways in which our technological experience can enhance our long-term well-being and support our communities rather than increasing our productivity at all cost. In our eyes, the ultimate goal of innovation, be it technological or structural innovation, is to make the world a more beautiful, more interconnected, more kind and more loving ecosystem.

Tech for Good

We use and democratize cutting edge technology at the service of humanitarian development and philanthropic goals. We believe in the power of automation and creation, but we recognize the urgent need to direct our technological skills and deployment efforts towards more altruistic horizons. We want to design and use technology in ways that make us understand and learn about the world we live in, in ways that help us create a future that is filled with hope, joy and beauty.

Solarpunk Ideals

We are rooting our visions in hopeful futures. We share the belief that we can create a better world rooted in nature, kindness and regenerative growth. For this reason, we echo the ideological beliefs and aspirations of the solarpunk  movement.

Nature-centric Design

We are putting our world’s and all life forms’ welfare, needs and homeostatic logic at the center of all systems, institutions and products. The logic of the natural realm is the ultimate and only true reliable source of logic. Everything else is a fabricated reality that humans have molded over the centuries. It is time that we shaped human societies is ways that can translate the universal logic of reality into the structures and ideologies we live by.

Holistic Development & Systems Design

Everything on our planet is connected. A bright future will come from systems that can respect life on earth in all its forms, while nurturing our symbiotic evolution as living thriving ecosystem. This is a lesson that we aim to embody every step of the way.

What steps will you take
to create pieces of future for our world?


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